Get More Out Of Your Online Ad Spend…

Google PPC & Google Adwords Management

Managing Google Ad campaigns can be very time consuming and expensive if not done correctly. We can manage your Google campaigns for you and help get people seeing, buying or signing up to your products or services while keeping your costs down.

Google Pay Per Click

Or PPC as it is more commonly known, is a form of advertising where you pay every time your ad is clicked. You’re effectively paying for your adverts to appear in Google’s top searches, giving your website greater visibility to people searching for a business or service just like yours. We create targeted PPC campaigns using relevant keywords to optimise the click-through rates to your website. It is also important that your landing pages offer everything the customer is looking for if they are to click-through. We can check over the landing pages before putting campaigns live in order to ensure your results are the best they can be, keeping the customer interested and not wanting to look elsewhere. As part of our PPC service we will send you a monthly report detailing exactly how well your campaign is performing along with any recommendations.

Google Display Network

The Google Display Network allows you to reach people while they browse websites.

You can strategically show your message to potential customers at the right place and at the right time by selecting the best targeting options to suit your business goals.


Google Remarketing works in a similar way and uses text & display adverts to target people that visited your website but didn’t take any action for whatever reason. Google then re-targets these customers and will encourage them to visit your website again which will hopefully lead to a purchase or an enquiry.

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